Interdisciplinary approach

Our interdisciplinary approach enables children to acquire skills and knowledge they need to be competent and capable to learn and live in the world around them.

Spacious classrooms

Beautifully equipped, safe and spacious classrooms in which children move freely get a lot of daylight and have their own exists into our outdoor space.

Sleep center

Our sleep center is equipped with high-quality Wesco children’s beds, practical for resting and sleeping. Beds are waterproof and fireproof, easy to clean and antiallergic.

Healthy food

Food in our preschool is versatile, healthy and suits the children’s needs.

Art corner

Art corner which encourages the development of creativity is an integral part of each of our classrooms.

Outside classroom

Our roofed outdoor classroom enables children to spend event the rainy days engaged in their outside play.

Reading and storytelling corner

Every classroom has its own reading and storytelling corner, designed with special care and positioned in such a manner that it gets the most daylight.

Montessori materials

Carefully selected Montessori learning materials are systematically arranged in our classrooms. These hands-on materials are specially designed to appeal to children, hold their attention, enable the development of concentration and abstract thinking and help them achieve independence in learning.

Trilingual environment

For better acquisition of foreign languages in the period of life when the sensitivity for that is the highest, in addition to B/H/S languages, we encourage children to acquire English and French in their everyday activities.

Didactic toys

Our classrooms are rich in beautifully crafted, inspirational and innovative, high-quality toys.


Our preschool possesses a garden in which children care for plants and observe the process of their growth.

Specialized equipment

Our space is equipped with specialized equipment built according to the highest European standards.

Educational Groups

  • Year olds 1 - 2
  • Class size12 + 1