About Discover me Academy

Private preschool institution “Discover Me Academy” is oriented towards the development of the child’s full potential in the spirit of continual, creative research and holistic approach, directed towards physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social aspects of child development.

We possess efficient and adaptable didactic materials and a space tailored to fit children’s needs at an attractive location.

The atmosphere in our classrooms is warm and cosy because of the gentle approach of our teachers, spacious inside and outside space, in which children move freely, the attractiveness of the didactic material and a high-quality curriculum.

The program we implement is aligned with the current standards and norms of the preschool education and the applicable laws defining this field in the Sarajevo Canton under the jurisdiction of the Ministry for Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton.

Why choose us?

In our preschool, we give our best to understand the child in his/her every stage of development.
With our gentle approach, we are using the best methods to help children reach their full potential through play and learning.

Mission - tasks - objectives

Our mission

Our mission is to equip children for healthy functioning in the everyday world by providing an environment which supports their whole development, responds to their individual needs and spurs their creative aspirations.

The general objective of our institution is to ensure optimal and equal conditions for the healthy growth and development of every child.

Priority tasks

  • individual observing of children and individual response to individual needs of children;
  • creating the favorable environment for play and learning;
  • encouraging the whole development of the child (physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social);
  • achieving an excellent cooperation on the following planes: teacher-child, teacher-teacher, child-child, teacher-parent, teacher-wider surroundings.

Specific objectives

  • offering high-quality pedagogical activities combining care, learning and play;
  • supporting the development of self-confidence and independence;
  • empowering children for a functional living;
  • developing critical thinking and encouraging children’s initiative, curiosity, research, imagination;
  • ensuring the optimal conditions for healthy bodily growth and development and for the acquisition of adequate hygiene-related habits;
  • developing cognitive skills necessary for the understanding of nature and world around us;
  • developing social and emotional skills;
  • developing speech and communication skills;
  • developing a consciousness of the importance of the care of the environment;
  • developing a consciousness of the importance of accepting differences;
  • encouraging creativity and artistic expression;
  • preparing for the transition towards the school system.

Our space

The space is equipped following the most modern standards and it meets the strictest safety, hygiene and technical requirements. The furniture is completely adjusted to the children.

The inside space comprising the area of 500 square meters with the fenced yard of additional 300 square meters at which “Discover Me Academy” is situated was purposefully built to be a kindergarten and, as such, is exquisitely adapted to suit the needs of children. The location is very accessible — it can be accessed directly from the city’s main transit street from both directions as well as directly from Radnička Street from the direction of Grbavica/Kovačići. What serves as a great advantage is the availability of many parking spots in front of the building.

Each of our classrooms covers an area of circa 60 square meters and possesses a direct way out into the yard, which makes organizing the children to go out to the yard a lot easier. All of the classrooms are directly linked with children’s toilets, each of which have separate cabins for girls and boys and a direct access to the yard as well, which means that children, after spending their time on fresh air, go inside through the toilets, change their shoes, clean/change their clothes and wash their hands, so the rooms in which children spend most of their time remains impeccable health and hygiene wise.

The space has abundant storage areas. The communication part of the space consists of a large cloakroom with separate storage areas and a waiting room with a toilet for parents. It is important to highlight that the place also has its own kitchen with a dining room for children.


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Spacious classrooms

Interdisciplinary approach

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